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Engage with our guest artists during educational outreach activities throughout the Duluth/Superior community.  Members of the public are welcome to attend any outreach activity, free of charge.


Gohar Vardanyan
Master Class
Oct 14 / 6-8 pm

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

The day before her solo performance with Matinee Musicale, Gohar worked with five guitar students from various studios in the Duluth/Superior area (if we know the studios, we could include them). The two-hour-long masterclass entailed one-on-one instruction that helped students hone their abilities while also building their confidence as their peers - and audience members - watch and learn. 


From participating students:

  • "I learned how to play louder and make my technique better."

  • "I thought it was great... and I learned to improve my guitar playing."



The Westerlies
Community Outreach

Nov 13 / 12:45 – 1:40 pm 
Duluth East High School

Brass quartet The Westerlies stayed in Duluth an extra day after their thrilling Matinee Musicale concert to lead a workshop at Duluth East High School. Approximately 120 orchestra, wind ensemble and advanced choir students participated in “Improvisation for Everyone.” By the conclusion of the workshop, over two dozen students had joined The Westerlies on stage to improvise together, including one student who served as conductor! 


From participating students:

  • "I learned about improv! I’ve always been intimidated by it but now I will try it out just for fun."

  • "It was a very informative and amazing workshop that included the audience while teaching them how to do things like conduct and improvise while including all three music classes. It was also very cool to be able to hear pieces that The Westerlies made themselves and how they sounded great with 4 people only on 2 different instruments.

  • "I thought it was cool to see how good a bunch of improv can sound, and how well it could fit together."

Balourdet Quartet
Master Class

January 29
Webb Recital Hall - UWS
Community Outreach
January 29  
Many Rivers Montessori

Kenny Broberg
Master Class
March 5/9:30-11:30

Mitchell Auditorium - CSS
Community Outreach
March 6 / 9:30 am

Mt. Royal Pines Retirement and Assisted Living

Master Class

*Subject to change.

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